Monday, May 17, 2010, changing homebases

There will be some big changes in June for, my little site that allows pilots to ask and answer questions. I'll be switching the site to a new software package as my old provider is making some changes that just won't work for me or for my users.

The switch should come by mid-June and it should be a seemless transition, the goal is to make a 100% move to the new software package and preserve all of data from the old site.

Also, I'm looking at making a big change in my life in terms of getting my little software startup, Anecka off the ground. While I plan in the long run for Anecka to develop subscription based web and moible applications for pilots, I plan on earning money initially doing software consulting and contracting. If you or someone you know has a website or software project that you need fixed, shoot me an email at:

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