Saturday, January 15, 2005

Flight Review

So I completed my club's flight review today. Basically me and a CFI (another Matt) just poked some holes in the sky. Okay we did a little more than that, a couple landings at Marysville and some slow flight. I hadn't been in a cockpit for nearly two months but everything worked out (on one landing the CFI exclaimed "oh my God that's a great landing"). The weather was pretty good too, since December the weather in central Ohio has been a mix of snow and rain and even though it was pretty cold the sky was clear and a lot of airplanes were up.

I also got to use a couple of Christmas presents, the Noral flight bag and ASA's tri-fold kneeboard. They worked out great, I didn't loose any pens, I didn't have to fumble around with the map, and I felt more organized and professional.

Until next time, clear skies!