Wednesday, February 03, 2010

You want to check my what?

Just taken my medical exam yesterday. I passed! Of course my AME said I was blind as a naked mole rat and that I really should carry a backup pair of glasses (which I mostly do, however there are times when they don't make it in the flight bag..heh)

Since my last exam was three years ago, one thing I had forgotten about was an interesting requirement the FAA wants the AME to ask.

AME : "Okay, would you like me to proceed with the rectal exam?"
Me : "(blank stare) Uh...are you serious?"
AME : "Yeah, the FAA wants me to ask, most people turn it down. Basically I just look at it to see if its healthy."
Me : "Uh..yeah that's okay, I'm going to turn it down as well."

Whew, dodged that bullet. But it's really begs the question, why the FAA would even have a provision like that anyway?

The only thing I can figure out is that since most pilots spend a lot of time on their butts, government-thinking follows that it should be medically fit.

Pilots got back!

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