Tuesday, February 02, 2010

65 days aloft

If two men have their way, this year an aviation record that has stood since 1958 will fall. The goal? Spend sixty-five days aloft in a four-place single engine airplane without touching the ground.

For non aviation folks, imagine driving around in small sedan without stopping...for anything...for one thousand five hundred and sixty hours.

Holy crap!

Chet and Matt Pipkin, father and son will hopefully take off in October 2010 in Boise Idaho and fly for 65 days in a modified Cessna 172. They plan to refuel and resupply via truck; their Cessna will be modified to carry an extra fuel tank with a quick release that can be refueled in mid-air. The Skyhawk will also be modified for them to change the oil in mid-flight, and of course there will a lav.

I think its a crazy idea, crazy good! This is more than a simple aviation stunt, they're hoping to raise money for charity, increase awareness in aviation, and inspire others to do something daring in their lives. Their mission statement:

To ignite a flame in the hearts of individuals in our world, by means of a simple flight. To encourage others to recognize their intrinsic value and to empower and challenge them to pursue their passions, contribute to the world in their own unique ways, great or small, and pass the flame to those in their world.

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AvWeb article and podcast with Matt Pipkin

I can't wait to see what happens, both in the flight and who gets inspired to take up their greatest passion!

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  1. Hey man - thanks for sending us some traffic for our endurance flight attempt! Just an FYI - we've gotten a permit domain at commit65.org. Just thought I'd share that. Thanks man! And hopefully you'll be a part of it and "Commit 65"!

    -Matt Pipkin