Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Videos of the B52 ("Big Buff")

Video1: BB in flight, 9min 29mb
Turn up the sound because those little turbine jet engines really make some noise.

Video2: BB's final flight
BB takes off, turns to the downwind, tries to turn back upwind, does a split-S straight into the ground.

Its pretty sad what happened to this guy, it's a beautiful plane and you can tell he must have put a couple of years or more into it. Model aircraft flying is tricky, simply because you have to rely just on a ground perspective in order to judge something in flight (you're also physically disconnected from the aircraft, so you loss alot of tactile sensations that can help in maintaining control).

Judging whether or not you're in a properly coordinated turn must be difficult, and when you finally notice that something is going wrong, there might not be enough time to fix it. Fortunately the only causality in a model crash is the aircraft.

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