Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Cross-Country to Louisville

After this weekend's flight, I decided to start planning for a trip down to Louisville for a weekend to see my mom and my brothers. I also wanted to stop my Clermont County (I69) and check out Sporty's. I have one of their hi-rez cockpit posters from a turbocharged Cessna 182 facing their building in my cubicle at work. I didn't even realize they were in Ohio until I saw writing on the bottom right corner of the poster, Batavia Ohio.

So the plan is to fly down next Saturday sometime in the morning, flight time should be an hour and a half, which is great considering it takes me nearly four hours to drive. NFA's rules say that I'll be billed a minimum of two hours each day if I rent the airplane for a day (or more), I think my actual time will be close to four, so the only other charge I'll have to consider is the ramp fee at Bowman (LOU).

Anyway I'm looking forward to it, should be a good cross-country exercise, and I'll get to impress my family. I'm also going to take my camera and get some shots.

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