Saturday, January 20, 2007


I'm pretty happy to announce that I've just rolled out a new feature for NOTAM Ace, unlit towers.

How many times have you called the flight briefer or checked DUATS to be told there's an unlit tower near the airport. How many times have you just ignored it, simply because the information in the NOTAM is so vague as to be completely useless? ("8 miles East - North East of the airport", yeah okay that's really specific)

Well no longer, when you do a search in NOTAM Ace if there's an unlit tower in the NOTAM, you will know exactly where its located.

I'm really pumped by this feature, simply because it illustrates the benefit of NOTAM Ace's mapping technique, and it offers something DUATS and even the FSS briefer can't match (although as always call 1800-WX-Brief to get an approved FSS flight briefing before you fly...seriously I mean it!).

Till next time, watch out for those towers! Clear Skies!


  1. This is fantastic. A search on Google for "lgts ots" (because I forgot those identifiers) brought me here and showed me another tool to add to my "Briefings" bookmark set.

    Wonderful! Thanks for the tool! :)

  2. I love your Notamace site! is it down for maintenance?
    Please bring it back.
    We in the helicopter EMS industry need in!!

    Wayne in florida

  3. Thanks Wayne! The site wasn't really down for maintenance as it was just "down." Unfortunately I've neglected it for over a year now. Mainly because I wasn't sure how many people were really using it and I was running a software consulting company on the side. I have big plans for NOTAMAce, and finally time to realize them. Seeing comments like that one really help motivate me to continue to work on the site. Especially if its vital for the great job you guys in EMS do (personal note, my brother was in Louisville Metro EMS and one of his friends is a flight EMT)

    Anyway thanks again!