Friday, September 30, 2005

Keep on Flyin'

Hey everybody, so in case anyone out there was wondering, yes I'm still flying. I've joined Capital City Aviation like I mentioned in my previous post and I love the club! It was a great experience climbing into Joe's Warrior again, it was like being reunited with an old friend.

An old friend with a new traffic advisory system from Ryan International! Have I mentioned what an awesome guy Joe is? He bought two systems, one for the Warrior and the other for his Arrow right before I took my first checkout ride with the new club in August. Ryan International even came in (they're based right here in Columbus) to give a two hour presentation on the system.

So I'm curious, how many 172's and Cherokees with traffic advisory systems are out there available for rent? I would have bet good money a month ago that I'd never rent a TAS equipped Cherokee.

I also attended Airventure for the first time this year, and I camped out at Scholler and got promptly rained out during the severe thunderstorm that hit on Monday (that's for a separate post though). I'll get photos up when I can pull them off flash cards.

Finally I'm going to build up some cross-country time, I've been meaning to check out Sporty's. It should be a good 45 minute flight both ways and it should be a great way to kill a Sat. afternoon.

Clear Skies!


  1. About time you posted. :)

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